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Keywords: Polygonatum odoratum  Health Food
Polygonatum planting
Polygonatum odoratum extract
Yuzhu mining and processing
Yuzhu product development
5000 acres of polygonatum planting base
Introduce advanced Polygonatum odoratum extraction technology and equipment
100,000 tons of raw materials processing per year
R&D and production of Yuzhu health food
Mingshun Yuzhu Full Industrial Chain
A modern production base with one-stop research and development of Polygonatum odoratum, planting of Polygonatum odoratum medicinal materials, extraction and processing of Polygonatum odoratum, and health food production of Polygonatum odoratum
A strong scientific research team, optimized and perfect production technology, a number of national patented technologies, endow products with unparalleled high quality.
R & D Center
Product producti
Certification testing
Strong R&D team
R & D together
ETO produces in the rich Yuzhu production base in Shaodong
Strict product quality certification to provide you with high quality
Many product applications such as Chinese patent medicine preparations, health foods, etc
      Hunan Mingshun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in July 2020. It is a foreign-funded enterprise controlled by Hong Kong Mingshun International Technology Co., Ltd. The main business of the company is the research and development and production of Chinese medicine extraction, Chinese patent medicine preparations, health food and other medical products. The project covers an area of 35 acres and has a total investment of 16 million US dollars; it will build a standard GMP workshop and a standardized laboratory quality management system; at the same time, it will introduce high-end R&D talents, and establish joint laboratories and R&D centers with universities; realize product development and medicinal planting , Extraction, processing, and product production are a one-stop modern production base.
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12 月22日下午,邵東市委書記沈志定到廉橋鎮調度湖南廉橋首屆中醫藥產業博覽會籌備工作。 沈志定強調,要從現在起進入“臨戰階段”,加強工作調度,實行“掛圖作戰”,確保湖南廉橋首屆中醫藥產業博覽會圓滿成功舉辦。為促進邵東市中藥材產業轉型升級,...
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Company Address: No. 1, Lianqiao Avenue, Lianqiao Pharmaceutical Technology Industrial Park, Shaodong City, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province, China